“Social web”, a physical wshop

Posted on October 28, 2011


For youth and children; 10-11 November 2011; 13:00-16:00; Class 2 – Beyoglu Youth Culture Center

For artists and designers; 12-13 November 2011; 13:00-16:00; Class 2 – Beyoglu Youth Culture Center

Leader: Berna Ekim

Statement: Especially in recent years, the development of internet technology, which lets to found dialogues and to share information of individuals compose social media. Internet users access the content they are looking for and are interested in through web sites and applications, which provides to share information and content of individuals such as social networks, blogs, micro blogs, instant messaging programs, chat sites, forums. In this workshop, the information about social media and social networks will be given to the participants. With Children / young people; the social networking icons that are generated without computer medium support, are carried from virtual environment to vital space by using bodily instruments to perform audio-visual exercise. With designers /artists; the position of designer/artist in and the social networks will be discussed.

(within Amber’11 Art and Technology Festival)


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